registration and booking conditions
Terms and conditions of sale

Definition of terms

TRACE VERTE’s general terms and conditions of registration and booking are deemed to be known and accepted for all first payments, regardless of the method of payment (cheque, bank transfer or cash). Any communication of banking information and any acceptance of a document from TRACE VERTE also implies knowledge and acceptance of the general terms and conditions of sale. In addition, acceptance of these TRACE VERTE terms and conditions of sale constitutes waiver of the customer’s own terms and conditions of purchase.


TRACE VERTE activities are open to everyone, provided they have no medical contraindications. Customers must be able to swim 25m or 50m for water sports activities. Specific age limits apply for certain activities (see technical data sheets).


Participation in TRACE VERTE activities is effective upon receipt :

  • The quotation, signed, dated and marked “bon pour accord” (collective entry)
  • A deposit of 50% of the amount indicated on the quotation or pro-forma invoice.


The price invoiced to the customer corresponds to the price agreed on the day the contract is concluded, plus the cost of additional services consumed on site (extra people, drinks, etc.). In the case of an activity with an instructor or requiring staff, the end time will be determined when the contract is signed and will incur a surcharge of 100 euros per hour, per instructor or staff member present, from one hour over the scheduled time. Prices are subject to change without notice in the event of legislative and/or regulatory changes likely to lead to price variations, such as changes in VAT, the introduction of new taxes, etc. (non-exhaustive list).


The customer shall pay the agreed amount as a deposit on the day the contract is concluded. The balance is due one week before the event. The invoice, less any deposits already paid by the customer, will be issued upon completion of the invoiced service. Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, the Provider’s invoices are payable immediately and without delay. No discount will be granted for early payment.

Any sum not paid by the due date, without mention on the invoice, will automatically give rise, without prior notice, to the payment of late payment interest at a rate equal to three times the legal interest rate. In addition, in application of articles L441-6 and D441-5 of the French Commercial Code, any professional in arrears of payment will automatically be liable for a fixed indemnity for collection costs of 40 euros, without prejudice to the right of the service provider to claim additional compensation if the collection costs incurred exceed this indemnity.

Changes of your own making

You may request a change to the program more than thirty-one (31) days prior to the departure or activity date, by sending a written request to

  • TRACE VERTE | Place de la Gare | 67190 MUTZIG
  • or by email at:

Change of person: No later than 7 calendar days before the date on which the Event is to take place, the customer must definitively agree, in writing, on the number of guests. After the aforementioned deadline, the number of guests mentioned on the Order will be used as the minimum basis for invoicing, even if the number of guests is lower on the day of the event.

If the customer notifies the Service Provider within the given timeframe of a request to change the number of guests, the Service Provider will issue an amended quotation.

If the number of guests specified in the Order is equal to or greater than 30 people, any reduction in the number of guests of more than 15% requested by the customer between the 30th day and the 8th calendar day prior to the date on which the Service is to be performed will result in the Provider invoicing an indemnity equal to 50% of the difference between the amount of the said Order and the amount shown on the Provider’s amended quotation.

If the number of guests is higher on the day the service is provided, the service provider’s invoice will take into account the number of guests or additional services served or provided on the basis of the same pricing conditions.

The service provider reserves the right to accept or refuse any increase in the number of guests on the day of the event, depending on the activity of the event on the day of the event.

Modification of the green trace fact

TRACE VERTE may be obliged to modify an essential element of the program due to circumstances beyond its control, for reasons of public interest, or for the safety of participants.

TRACE VERTE will inform participants of these modifications, which may include a proposal for substitute elements. If you do not accept the proposed substitutions, you are free to cancel your registration and request a refund of any sums already paid.

Please note: during the stay, the program may be subject to modifications or adjustments, depending on safety requirements, weather conditions and other factors. In this case, only the TRACE VERTE supervisors are authorized to take the necessary decision(s), and the full amount of the stay remains due.

Cancellation by you

Notice of cancellation must be made in writing to :

  • TRACE VERTE – Place de la Gare – 67190 MUTZIG
  • or by e-mail to

TRACE VERTE will retain part of the sums already paid, calculated on the basis of the date of cancellation, in accordance with the following conditions:

  • 120 days before the activity: Cancellation free of charge (except €200 handling fee).
  • Between 120 and 60 days before the event: 40% of the total amount
  • Between 60 and 15 days before the activity: 60% of the total amount
  • Between 15 and 7 days before the activity: 75% of the total amount
  • Between 7 days and the day of the event or in the event of no-shows without prior cancellation: 100% of the price.
  • In all cases, no refund will be made. The difference between the amount due and the amount paid (if you have paid a deposit greater than the total amount due) will not be reimbursed, but may be used for a later event within 6 months of cancellation.

Cancellation by trace verte

TRACE VERTE may exceptionally be forced to cancel your program if :

  • Safety conditions require it, in the event of normally unforeseeable events, such as weather conditions. Where possible, TRACE VERTE will offer you an equivalent program at a comparable cost, which you are free to accept. TRACE VERTE will inform you of the cancellation and propose a new program as soon as possible. In the event of refusal of this new program TRACE VERTE will reimburse the sums already paid.
  • TRACE VERTE cannot be held responsible for the vagaries of the weather. In the absence of snow or poor weather conditions (unless there is a risk to personal safety), outings are maintained. Under the same conditions, in the event of a lack of snow, snowshoeing tours are automatically transformed into hiking tours.


The price of our services includes activities, specific equipment (but not personal equipment, unless otherwise specified), supervision and entertainment. For some programs: accommodation, catering, transport, visits etc. may also be included.

We have a tourism operator number: IM067100024

Our prices are non-binding and will be confirmed when you register. They are subject to change and apply to all those already registered or wishing to register.

Program sequence

Operating and safety rules

Extreme caution is advised during the program to avoid any incidents that could disrupt the normal running of the program, not only for yourself but also for the group as a whole.

Each participant must abide by the rules of the group and, where applicable, those issued by the instructors.

TRACE VERTE reserves the right to exclude at any time any person whose behavior may be considered to endanger the safety or well-being of other participants, as well as the smooth running of the services. No compensation will be due in this respect.

A deposit, the cost of which will depend on the sports equipment provided, will be requested on arrival to guarantee the correct use of the said equipment. All or part of this deposit may be retained in the event of breakage, material damage, theft or loss.

TRACE VERTE will replace worn parts during normal use of the equipment.

TRACE VERTE reminds us that the use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited for minors, and should be consumed in moderation by adults.

Technical and practical levels

Each participant must comply with the usual rules of prudence specific to the practice of physical activities (see also “Admission”). He/she is obliged to inform the organizer AND the instructor of any fact that may hinder this practice or of any contraindication of any kind whatsoever.

Note on minors

For safety reasons, the practice of sporting activities requires each minor child to produce documents that the group leader undertakes to have. Parental consent is required.

Advance payment of medical, search and rescue expenses

If medical costs in the event of illness or accident and/or ambulance costs are advanced by TRACE VERTE: by registering themselves or a minor child with TRACE VERTE, individuals, parents or guardians agree in advance to reimburse all such advanced sums.


The equipment provided varies from one program to another, so please check the practical information you receive when you register to see what type of equipment is included or not.

Individual equipment not specific to the activity (shoes, seasonal clothing, etc.) is always at your expense.

Please note All sports equipment belonging to you remains your responsibility in the event of theft or damage. TRACE VERTE cannot be held liable in this respect. In addition, TRACE VERTE cannot be held responsible for theft or damage to your personal belongings during an activity or stay.

Equipment rental (mountain bikes, GPS, snowshoes, etc.)

Equipment rental is subject to a deposit (see technical data sheet).

The lessee must use the rented equipment in accordance with its usual purpose and must not do anything or allow anything to be done that could damage it.

The hirer is solely responsible to TRACE VERTE for any damage, loss or theft. The hirer must take all necessary steps to protect himself and, in particular, take out any insurance policy he deems appropriate against the risks of damage, loss, theft or any other event. In general, he will be held liable to TRACE VERTE, even if TRACE VERTE provides entertainment and/or supervision of the rented equipment.

TRACE VERTE cannot be held responsible for personal injury, material damage, loss or theft of rented equipment.


TRACE VERTE holds various insurance policies with the MMA Group, which does not prevent the customer from being solely liable for any damage to materials, effects, documentation, equipment, belonging or not belonging to TRACE VERTE.

In the event of fault on the part of the customer or his principals, TRACE VERTE cannot be held responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever. The customer is responsible for the safekeeping of goods and materials brought in by himself or herself or by participants. The customer is responsible for taking out any necessary insurance policies (damage, civil liability). The customer is responsible for all damage caused by its intermediary, in particular by participants and their guests, and undertakes in the event of damage to the premises made available, to bear the costs of restoring these premises and will, where appropriate, assume the damages in proportion to the costs and loss of sales related to the immobilization.

Customer insurance

The customer must ensure that he/she is covered by a current Civil Liability insurance policy covering the risks associated with travel to the proposed activities, as well as those associated with the conduct and practice of these activities.

How to contact us

Letters and/or registered letters to modify or cancel a program should be addressed to :

  • TRACE VERTE – Place de la Gare – 67190 MUTZIG
  • or by e-mail to with acknowledgement of receipt.

All claims relating to a program must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, within two days of the return date, accompanied by supporting documents, to the above address. After this deadline, no correspondence will be taken into consideration.


In the event of disputes or litigation, only the Tribunal d’Instance or the Tribunal de Grande Instance of the defendant’s place of residence or the place of performance of the contractual obligation shall be competent to hear any dispute arising between the parties concerning the performance or interpretation of the said contract.

Tourism and Travel Ombudsman

If the customer does not receive a satisfactory response within 3 months, he or she may refer the matter to the Tourism and Travel Ombudsman, whose contact details and procedures are available on his or her website:

Information technology

Pursuant to article 27 of law no. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, in order for your registration to be processed by our services, your answers must be provided. Failure to do so will render your registration by our services impossible. You will be able to access the information and make any necessary corrections. Unless you notify TRACE VERTE to the contrary, TRACE VERTE reserves the right to use the information to send you various documents (mail, e-mail, SMS). Any breach of the provisions of the present law is provided for and punished by articles 226-16 to 226-24 of the French Penal Code.

Partners in Professional Mediation

Dear JEAN-BAPTISTE CLEVENOT, you have appointed Médiation Professionnelle as your consumer mediator.
This appointment guarantees the intervention of a professional mediator, a member of the CPMN professional mediators’ association.
The information to be included in contractual documents (general sales conditions, quotation, invoice, purchase order, contract or any other appropriate document) are :



In the event of a dispute between the Customer and the company, the latter will endeavour to resolve it amicably (the Customer will address a written complaint to the professional or, where appropriate, to the professional’s Customer Relations Department).
In the event of failure to reach an amicable agreement or in the absence of a response from the professional within a reasonable period of one (1) month, the consumer Customer within the meaning of article L.133-4 of the French Consumer Code may, if a disagreement remains, refer the matter free of charge to the competent mediator on the list of mediators drawn up by the Commission d’évaluation et de contrôle de la médiation de la consommation in application of article L.615-1 of the French Consumer Code, namely :
La Société Médiation Professionnelle
24 rue Albert de Mun – 33000 Bordeaux

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