Learning to ride a bike with Trace Verte

School MCF Massif des Vosges

Certified as an MCF* school since 2006, Trace Verte was one of the very first facilities to obtain this label, a guarantee of the quality and professionalism of the training offered.

Our instructors will help children and adults learn to ride a bike at different levels.

From beginner to expert, the learning levels cover the skills needed for safe cycling.

*French Cycling Instructor

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An exclusive and fun way to improve at your own pace:

  • Le loupiot | the best way to learn to ride a bike without wheels.
  • Le biclou | to enable children up to the age of 12 to ride a bike independently.
  • The biker | for those who want to perfect their mountain bike skills.
  • Le gachette | a downhill time trial on a super-easy track to assess your level.
  • The rocket | It’s the same principle as the gachette but for adults: only the level of difficulty of the track and the equipment change.



The Savoir Rouler à Vélo (SRAV) program

What is SRAV?

The “Savoir Rouler à Vélo” (Knowing how to ride a bike) program has been introduced by the French government and is part of school curricula, enabling children aged 6 to 11 to learn the skills they need to be independent cyclists by the time they start secondary school.


The “Savoir Rouler à Vélo” (Knowing how to ride a bike) program enables children to learn the skills they need to become truly independent cyclists by the time they start secondary school.

How does the SRAV work?

The SRAV is divided into 3 learning blocks:

1) Pedaling skills: mastering the fundamentals of bike handling

2) Getting around: discovering mobility by bike in a safe environment

3) Know how to ride a bike: learn to ride independently on public roads

Trace Verte is your guide

Trace Verte can help you set up your SRAV, from administrative management to the supervision of sessions by qualified professionals with all the necessary equipment (bikes, helmets and teaching materials).

The Objectif Employeur Pro-Vélo (OEPV)

What is the OEPV program?

The OEPV program is financed by the CEE (energy savings certificates) and aims to support employers in developing a cycling culture within their establishments.

All employers (public, private and non-profit) based in France can register for the program.


In order to help you become a “Pro-Vélo Employer”, you will benefit from a budget that will enable you to carry out the pro-bike actions listed in the program catalog.


These services are reimbursed at between 40% and 60% of the cost, excluding VAT, until the budget is exhausted.


Trace Verte is accredited for training in everyday cycling.


Why call in a cycle professional?

  • He has a state diploma and trained at the SRAV
  • It is approved by the French Ministry of Education
  • Experienced and competent in safe group management and logistics in a school environment
  • He can adapt teaching content to suit the audience and the expectations of the teaching staff.

Bike Center

Trace Verte

With its Bike Center label, Trace Verte offers you, in addition to its traditional coaching services, bike rentals, a mechanical workshop, bike and accessory sales, and bike level tests.

The Bike Center is a premium label for multi-service MCF schools:

  • level tests
  • sale of Stevens bicycles | showroom
  • bicycle washing
  • bicycle repair shop
  • sale of bicycle accessories
  • rental of mountain bikes, VTC, VTTAE, VTCAE, road, gravel and tandem bikes


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